Meet the Team



Veterinary Pathologist


Marina always wanted to work in academia as a veterinary pathologist.  After graduating from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2007, she embarked on a two-year residency program in veterinary pathology at the same institution.

Marina moved to Spain in 2010 to undertake a master’s program followed by a PhD investigation in antibiotic eluting devices using sheep as an animal model at the University of Zaragoza. Her PhD program was combined with a European College of Veterinary Pathologist (ECVP) residency program. During this time Marina also collaborated on other multidisciplinary projects involving drug delivery systems, nanoparticles, new materials and infectious disease in sheep.

Marina joined The University of Sydney in 2017 as Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology. She is passionate about teaching and research. Her current projects involve abortion in ruminants, innate immunity of flying foxes and the development of an intestinal medical device for the post-surgical treatment of colorectal cancer.

Marina currently collaborates with research groups from Spain, Canada and Brazil.