Meet the Team


BVSc MANZCVS (Equine Practice)

Ambulatory Veterinarian

Ben graduated from The University of Sydney in 2017 and completed a short externship in equine reproduction in The Netherlands. During this time, he discovered his passion for equine medicine and set about pursuing a career as an equine vet. Upon returning to Australia Ben joined a general equine practice in the central west of NSW where he worked with a diverse range of clients and their horses, providing a broad variety of services, including dentistry, lameness, medicine, surgery and reproduction.

Ben has a strong interest in equine dentistry and reproduction and is looking forward to further developing his skills in equine practice.

Ben has two chestnut mares, Willow and Blue and is eagerly waiting for the arrival of a third horse early next year, with Willow currently in foal, having bred her through artificial insemination himself. Ben has spent the last few years pursuing the ‘perfect chicken’, attempting to develop his own ornamental breed.