Camden Equine Centre has a team of registered specialist surgeons who are supported by a team of Specialist anesthesia, onsite pathology, experienced theatre nurses and horse handlers.

The surgery team are highly skilled and use techniques to reduce stress on your horse during surgery and ensure optimum recovery.

Our facilities include two fully equipped operating theatres, standing surgery stocks, two padded induction and recovery stalls. The team is available to perform a number of elective and emergency surgeries in hospital hours, surgeries include:

• Wounds/ lacerations: suture repair, skin grafting, short- and long-term management
• Septic (infected) joints/ tendon sheaths/bursa
• Foals: tendon/ ligament surgery, umbilical hernia, periosteal strips, angular limb deformity
• Urogenital surgery: Cryptorchid/ castrations/ovariectomy, bladder stones
• Orthopedic surgery: arthroscopy, fractures, nerve/ ligament/ muscle surgery
• Upper airway: tie forward, tieback
• Laser surgery: for airway, sarcoids and other tumors

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