Vets use a range of techniques to diagnose lameness. At Camden Equine Centre we conduct physical examinations; visual examinations of the horse undertaking different activities such as trotting and walking in a straight line and a circle, on hard and soft surfaces; and flexion tests. We also have a Lameness Locator which uses inertial sensors to accurately record the horse’s gait, and this record can be compared between visits to identify an issue early.


Further investigation

If a problem is found, then further investigation can be performed such as nerve blocks to localize the issue to a region, and then diagnostic imaging tests such as X-rays, ultrasounds, Nuclear Scintigraphy (bonescan) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), all of which can be conducted on site using Camden Equine Centre’s, state of the art equine imaging facilities.


Treatment and therapy

Once an issue is identified our vets provide advice regarding specific therapies such as systemic anti-arthritis medicines, monthly injectables and daily oral medications.