Our Team

Camden Equine Centre is home to a team of leading and internationally renowned equine specialists in internal medicine, sports medicine, surgery, anaesthesia, pathology, diagnostic imaging and emergency critical care.

This team provides a multidisciplinary approach and the highest standard of medical care dedicated to the health and welfare of all horses.


  • Dr Robin Bell

    BVSc MVSc DipVetClinStud DipECVS Dipl ACVSMR Regis

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  • Dr Liz Tee

    DVM DipVetClinstud FACVSc Registered Equine Medici

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  • Dr Marta Wereszka

    BVMS MS DACVS Registered Equine Surgery Specialist

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  • Dr Sara Biasutti

    BVSc (hons I) PhD MVetStud (Equine Surgery) DACVS-

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  • Dr Ben Pratt

    BVSc MSNZCVS (Equine Practice) Ambulatory Veterina

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  • Dr Tina Baxter

    BVSc (Hons I), MANZCVS (Small Animal Medicine) Vet

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  • Dr Emma Cox

    BVSc Resident in Equine Sports Medicine  

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  • Dr Marina Gimeno

    DVM MVSc PhD Dipl. ACVP Veterinary Pathologist  

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  • Kathy Brammall

    KATHY BRAMMALL Graduate Diploma in Clinical Chemis

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  • Dr Neil Horadagoda

     BVSc MVSc PhD MANZCVS (Pathobiology) GradCertEdu

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  • Sopheak Chaophrasy

    SOPHEAK CHAOPHRASY Laboratory Technician

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  • Sanja Jovanavic

    SANJA JOVANAVIC BSc (Chemistry) Laboratory Technic

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Veterinary Nurses

  • Louise Clarke

    LOUISE CLARKE Cert IV Vet Nursing (Distinction) Eq

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  • Erin Roddy

    ERIN RODDY DVM Equine Veterinary Nurse  

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  • Kaliana Sloane

    KALIANA SLOANE Cert. IV Vet Nursing Equine Veterin

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  • Kate Prestney

    KATE PRESTNEY Cert III & IV Veterinary Nursing

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  • Elise Walton

    ELISE WALTON  Cert IV Vet Nursing (Highest Achiev

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  • Rebecca Lo Conte

    REBECCA LO CONTE Diploma Veterinary Nursing Diagno

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  • Dr Eduardo Uquillas

    BVM DVM DACVAA Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anaes

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Animal Attendants

  • Kevin Bertie

    KEVIN BERTIE  Animal Attendant  

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  • John Kelly

    JOHN KELLY Animal Attendant      

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  • Bruce Tye

    BRUCE TYE Animal Attendant    

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Support/Administration Staff

  • Keith Merchant

    KEITH MERCHANT  Commercial and Clinical Services

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  • Colleen Ritchard

    COLLEEN RITCHARD Hospital Manager

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  • Francesca Duchenne

    FRANCESCA DUCHENNE Business Services Manager

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  • Mylene Yeung

    MYLENE YEUNG  Veterinary Receptionist and Adminis

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  • Debbie Sheehan

    DEBBIE SHEEHAN Veterinary Receptionist and Adminis

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  • Alicia Davies

    ALICIA DAVIES Veterinary Receptionist and Administ

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  • Kate Hogan

    KATE HOGAN Marketing and Communications Officer

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