About Camden Equine Centre

The Camden Equine Centre is a specialist equine hospital and ambulatory service which provides care for equine health, emergency,  performance and recovery care needs. The Centre delivers the highest standard of current veterinary knowledge, practised by a range of specialist and highly skilled horse veterinarians with the support of the best vet nurses and animal attendants in the industry.

From January 2021, our hospital will be transitioning to a service focussed on equine sports medicine and rehabilitation building on our already outstanding team of dedicated practitioners led by Dr Robin Bell. This is a major development for Australian horse owners! This service will be supported by internal medicine and surgery specialists and we will be purchasing high-end diagnostic and therapeutic equipment so we can provide your horse with the best possible care. Our goal is to be recognised as the pre-eminent centre of excellence of equine sports medicine in Australasia and a world leader in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of horses with sports-related injuries and illnesses through innovative research in the field whilst training the veterinarians of the future.

In addition to the changes in hospital services, our ambulatory service has an additional vehicle and veterinarian on the road during business hours, with an on-call 24/7 service. 

Located on the Camden Campus of the University of Sydney, the Centre is internationally acclaimed for animal health and welfare. Complimented but a fully equipped equine ambulatory service which is supported provides a broad range of investigatory and treatment options at your own premises. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality care for every horse that we treat, a visit to the Camden Equine Centre will make certain you are given the best advice and options for your horse

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