Unfortunately, horses continue to eat and don’t show any signs of discomfort despite the presence of dental disease. It’s only when it becomes quite severe that it becomes obvious to us humans.

Pinky (name changed to protect the horse’s privacy 😊) is one of those.

Pinky was presented with a draining tract on the lower jaw. There was also pus running and a bad smell.
When looking into Pinky’s mouth, it became obvious there was a badly decayed tooth that had become infected and created the tract.

The tooth was extracted gently (check out the size of the tooth), cut open and thoroughly cleaned, before it was filled up with composites and re-implanted into Pinky’s mouth. Treating teeth like this was not possible until recently. Amazing isn’t it.

We can happily report the tooth has reattached and the draining tract has disappeared.
Although Pinky is still not talking, if he could, he’d be hugely grateful he was relieved of this painful issue.

Pinky lives in Belgium, where Associate Professor Dr. Denis Verwilghen, the new Head of the Camden Equine Centre and Senior Surgeon, originates from. He helped Pinky out just before moving to Australia.

Do you have a ‘Pinky’ that could be relieved of dental pain with Dr Verwilghen’s expertise?